Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the Mission of the EFT?
A: The EFT's primary purpose is to provide your team the opportunity to play competitive games prior to the start of the regular season.
Q2: When is the Registration deadline?
A: Friday, August 18, 2017.
Q3: How do I register for the EFT?
A: Go online to or print, complete, and mail the Registration Form along with your check to Tournament Director, P.O. Box 2419, Livingston, N.J. 07039.
Q4: Do you offer discounts for multiple teams from the same Club?
A: No.

Q5: When are rosters due?
A: Monday, September 4, 2017.
Q6: Is this the same as the "required player information" I entered on my online Team Page?
A: No.  The required player information you entered as part of the online registration process is not your official roster.

Q7: What rosters are accepted?
​A: Official, stamped GotSoccer or US Club. Any player not listed on these rosters will not be granted permission to play by the Tournament Committee.

Q8: Do you need the original of the Official, stamped GotSoccer or US Club roster?
A: No. We need a copy which we will keep.

Q9: What if I don’t have my Official, stamped GotSoccer roster by Monday, September 4th?
​A: Bring a copy to in-person registration.

Q10: How do I submit my official team roster?
A: E-Mail: or Fax:  973-535-2765.
Q11: Are guest players allowed?
A: No.

Q12: Are secondary carded players allowed?
A: No.

Q13: How do you Flight my team?
A: Flighting is based on the information provided by you in the Team History section of the Registration Form & the number of teams registered for an age group.

Q14: What do I put for “Team History” if I have a brand new team?
A: Use “Have Not Played”, “0”, and “Other” in the drop-down menus.

Q15: How many players are on the field during my game?
A: U8-U10: 7 v 7; U11-12: 9 v 9; U13-U15: 11 v 11.

Q16: How many games will my U8-U10 (7 v 7) team play?
A: Three (3) 50-minute games (25-minute halves) with a 3-minute half-time.

Q17: How many games will my U11-U12 (9 vs 9) team play?
A: Three (3) 50-minute games (25-minute halves) with a 3-minute half-time plus the possibility of a fourth (4th) if you advance to the Finals.

Q18: How many games will my U13-U15 (11 vs 11) play?
A: Three (3) 50-minute games (25-minute halves) with a 3-minute half-time plus the possibility of a fourth (4th) if you advance to the Finals.
Q19: When will my schedule be available?
A: On or about Monday, September 4, 2017.

Q20: Is there MANDATORY in-person registration?
A: Yes. MANDATORY in-person registration is on Thursday, September 7, 2017.

Q21: Where is the MANDATORY in-person registration?
A: Toby Katz Community Center in West Orange. 

Q22: What do I need to bring to MANDATORY in-person registration?
A: 1) Official stamped GotSoccer or US Club roster (1 per team).  Any player not listed on these rosters will not be granted permission to play by the Tournament Committee. 2) Official laminated player passes (1 per player and coach).

Q23: What if I cannot make MANDATORY in-person registration?
​A: A representative of your Club can register multiple teams. Also, the Livingston (Heritage & Okner) and West Orange (Lincoln) Site Coordinators will accept game-day registration 45 minutes prior to the start of the first scheduled game time at the Heritage, Okner, & Lincoln Headquarters Tents only. Game day registration will NOT be accepted at field locations other than the Heritage, Okner, or Lincoln Headquarters.

Q24: Where can I find directions to the field locations?
A: Directions to all fields can be found at under the Fields Location tab.
Q25: Do I need to bring a copy of my roster to every game?
A: No.
Q26: Do I need to bring Player Passes to every game?
A: Yes.
Q27: Do teams exchange Club patches?
A: Yes, teams are encouraged to exchange Club patches after every game.
Q28: Are pets allowed at any of the fields in Livingston or West Orange?
A: No.

Q29: Who do I contact if I have any other questions?
A: E-mail your questions to or call 201-715-6758.